Carpets: The Fifth Wall

Every room is a stage to display your personality and creativity. There is no better way to tie the room’s creative elements together than with a rug or carpet. In fact, top designers often select the carpet first using it as their palette to make subsequent decisions on fabrics and furniture. Flooring can also disguise a room’s design flaws. Bold patterns make a small room appear larger. Neutral or small patterns can add rhythm. Whatever your vision, rugs and carpeting are an essential component to consider. Choosing the right one will transform your floor into a fifth wall for art. Take it a step further by placing matching rugs throughout your entire home, such as the leaf rug above, and your floors will become a gallery.

Sizing It Up
Area rugs define a room’s space. Aligning them with items such as fireplaces, unique angles, and bay windows highlights a room’s design features. Take note of the lines in your room to ensure a proper fit. Leave 12-15 inches between the rug’s edge and the wall if you wish to cover most of the floor. For living rooms, determine whether heavier furniture will sit on the rug. Avoid placing a group of pieces around smaller rugs. This creates a postage stamp effect. Rugs in the dining room should frame the table. Leaving a standard 36 inches from the table’s edge allows enough room to pull out the chairs easily. Avoid cold feet in the bedroom by measuring enough rug to step out of either side of the bed. In all rooms, make sure that the corner of your rug does not end up in a doorway. Click here for even more tips to size your rug.

Life's Rich Pattern
Floral, geometric, checked – the list goes on. Bordered or patterned carpets provide endless opportunities to personalize your room. The key to choosing a patterned carpet is being mindful of the room’s existing colors. When matching flooring to walls and furnishings, select one common color to create a proportionate look. If you are overwhelmed by the choices in patterns, look to your favorite things. Do you have a scarf, dress, painting, or piece of china that you love? Choose patterns and colors that you naturally gravitate to. Stay clear of bold patterns in cluttered interiors. This will only augment the disorder. To see how custom rugs can make a one of a kind area, visit our custom rug page.

Run With It
Runners can bring new life to any space. By encouraging the eyes to move along a route, runners instantly define an area by creating a sense of direction. Staircases are a popular application for runners. The rug offers traction for, and can reduce the sound of, those climbing stairs. Runners are extremely versatile. Put one in an unexpected spot such as your kitchen sink. Don’t forget that art for the floor can also be used on the walls. If you have high ceilings or an unusually angled wall space, hang up a runner and wow your guests with out-of-the-box creativity. As long it contrasts with the floor or walls, your runner will have an instant impact. Visit us online to see samples of custom runners.

Cleaning & Maintenance 101

Normal foot traffic causes dirt to cut carpet fibers like sandpaper. Therefore, regular vacuuming is critical. Sprinkling salt on them one hour before vacuuming can easily brighten dull carpets. Stains and dirt are easier to remove with a little prevention. ScotchGuard high traffic areas such as the dining room or the steps. For pesky grease stains, use cornmeal or baking soda as your cleaning agent. Leave it on overnight and vacuum it up in the morning. The key to spot removal is acting quickly. If you are unsure of what to do, water and a white towel is the best immediate treatment. Gently blot the stain and never rub it. Don’t be afraid to consult the professionals for stubborn stains. Click here to find a certified cleaning Professional in your area. Check out Rug Rats' website for plenty of other cleaning tips.

Carpet Installation Tips

Carpet installation can be hard work, but doing it the right way ensures a beautiful floor for years. Inspect every area that you are going to carpet. New carpet should never be installed over old carpet. Traffic patterns and furniture placement are important considerations when laying out the carpet’s seams so have a trained professional measure or review your plans. To find a certified installer in your area, click here. Carpet will perform best when installed between 65-95 degrees Fahrenheit. After installation, always ask for a walk through of the entire job with the installer.

The Carpet and Rug Institute's website is full of tips for selecting a carpet or rug. Of course, Rug Rats is always available. If you have a question or problem that you need solved e-mail us at We will be happy to give you some help.

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